Fogging/ULV machine

[INQ. NO. 1608M16] TaeGeuk Corporation was established 1998 under the slogan of “Trusted & truly satisfying TaeGeuk” as the out-sourcing company for trading of the manufacturing group.
Through the out-sourcing system, it has been supplied with advanced pesticides (rodenticide & insecticides), fogging / ULV machines & veterinary products to create a bett er environment with a broad spectrum of products line.
With the improvement of the environment and people`s rising living standards , high efficiency, safety and non-toxicity are increasingly required of pesticides products, i.e.
household products, public health products and PCO products and its facilities. TaeGeukh has caught up with this world trend and made outstanding achievements in its research and development of highly eff ective and safe pesticides through cooperation and consultation with many associated companies and counterparts both from home and abroad.

With its long and rich experience, TaeGeuk will apply the most advanced technology in the field of pesticides and concerned machines, and will continue to step forward R&D to access environment-friendly, fi rst class and high technology, and create bett er and beautiful life hand in hand.
Recently, TaeGeuk has endeavored to expand the outstanding service from the above items to others such as digital voice recorders, monitors, telephones, car accessories, earphones for mobile phones, and so forth. Making perfect quality products and off ering competitiveness in prices is why TaeGeuk is trusted by customers. TaeGeuk will continue to develop the company with confi dence and improve its reputation with its partners. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

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