Edge-welded bellows

[INQ. NO. 1608M14] GST’s edge-welded bellows,https://korean-machinery.com///inquiry also known as welded-plate bellows, and welded-diaphragm bellows, are essential engineered components in ultra-high vacuum and high pressure sealing applications. Their primary function is to compensate for system vacuum and pressure differentials during normal and upset operations. Secondary functions include mechanical sealing, vibration, isolation, compensation for relative movement between pipe sections, and reduction in forces and induced moments at various connections. In the bellows industry, edge-welded bellows stand out in their ability to control large amounts of motion precisely and repeatedly.
Formed bellows has been used in many ways with vacuum, pressure, and fluid transport plumbing by the molding method, and bone geometry, material, and material thickness, etc., depending on the environment if the operation of the vacuum pipes and bellows for vibration absorption, flexibility and adherence name is used in the required thickness of the pipe, then increasing the pressure with thicker material is used.

In addition, corrosive fluids used to withstand corrosive environments require expensive materials. In general, the flexibility of the bellows pressure with the opposite relationship to the thickness of the material to increase the flexibility of the bellows has the disadvantage that it shortens the life. GST can supply various size & thickness (single & multi fly) of bellows & flange upon receiving customers’ specific requests.

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