Dry Film Auto Peeler

[INQ. NO. 1608M15] CO-MS has been aiming https://korean-machinery.com///inquiryfor continuous quality improvement, cost reduction, and zero customer dissatisfaction with its highly complex automation technology and rich automation-related knowledge. In the future, it will continue to strive for utmost customer satisfaction and to supply more upgraded equipment.
CO-MS’s most representative product, Dry fi lm auto peeler is equipment that is used in the circuit formation process, which is an essential manufacturing process for semiconductor substrate. It automatically peels protective Mylar (PET) fi lm after lamination of photosensitive dry fi lm on PCB board and exposure. Dry fi lm auto peeler can pick up a board on a plate table that corresponds up to 30um of super-lamination and emit one by one after peeling off with adhesive tape.

Dry fi lm auto peeler makes contact only outside the dummy area during handling, and minimizes damage by processing products individually and preventing falls with application of adhesive pads when peeling the upper and lower parts. By introducing the Knurling & Tape Peeling method, it prevents boards from gett ing ripped and ensures effi ciency by knurling the upper and lower parts simultaneously. Also, by installing sensors in the upper and lower parts of the shutt le, it can detect the peeling status early and minimize errors in the auto system when peeling does not occur.

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