Industrial reducers

[INQ. NO. 1609M02] Jeil Engineering & has been contributing to Korea’s development of reducers, various gears, and power transmission since its establishment in 1994. With more than 30 years of industrial experience, Jeil Engineering & Ind. has elevated the performance level of its products – reducers, geared motors, electric actuators, and coupling and various gears.
The gear reducer (box) manufactured by the company is an essential component in such industrial power transmission areas as steel, chemicals, and power generation equipment. In the manufacturing process, the maker focuses on delivering high efficiency, and high performance of torque, which solved problems of noise, vibration, etc. It manufactures various kinds of gears – helical gears, bevel gears, planetary gears, spur gears, worm gears, etc. depending on the user’s specific orders.

Jeil’s cyclo reducer features lighter and compacter than others. Various ratio of service is available. It can be used for any kinds of industrial facilities for steel, chemical, and logistics. It can be divided into two types – vertical and horizontal type and be variously utilized according to orders. Based on thorough craftsmanship, mod cons and reasonable line of product construction, personal is trying to become a company that leads the development the industry not only of Korea, but also of overseas market. It is always ready to cooperate with competitive potential partners in global market in the field of green energy. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

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