Cold-forging products

[INQ. NO. 1609M01] As a specialized of cold forging, Geoyang Metal has been manufacturing and delivering high-quality cold forged parts for markets of domestically and abroad markets, boosted by complete production system for material parts to assembly parts.
Through rich experience of staffs of technology institute, accumulated know, and aggressive investment on R&D, Geoyang Metal is leading Korea’s development of the new material sector. Now it commands the No. 1 in domestic market share of diff gear in terms of production, quality, and delivery by recording yearly high growth.

Currently, Geoyang Meta supplies yearly 2,000 units of automotive parts to domestic and overseas markets, with dominance of 60% of differential bevel gears of Hyundia-Kia and of 30% of Remikorea. From 2013, it has been exporting its bevel gears to German Getrag, the USA, Japan, and Thailand. And it was determine to proceed with the completion of product development by introducing a diff gear warm forging press, and ultimately to obtain the original technology of high pressure diff gear warm forging by December 2015 in cooperation with GKN Japan.
In 2014, Geoyang Metal achieved a yearly sale target of KRW 47.5 billion, and it is making ceaseless efforts to accomplish the new sale target of KRW 85 billion by 2018. Also, to preemptively cope with the potential demand of diversification and for global marketing predominance, Geoyang Metal has opened a new cold forged factory, and thus established an exclusive line of process for forging of export items. It also maximizes customers’ satisfaction by previously securing quality system to obtain product reliability including component analyzer (precision measuring equipment), three-dimensional gear measurer, and shape measurer. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

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