Specialization in manufacturing high-quality digital and screen printing machines

[INQ. NO. 1610M01] DYSS has, since its establishment in 1989, been an innovative and specialized manufacturer of high-quality digital and screen printing machines, along with other related equipment. It has been dedicating its eff orts to expanding into overseas markets since 1996. DYSS succeeded in developing a digital DV printer in 2007 and a digital die cutt er in 2008.201610m_page_013_03 Since then, it has been exporting its equipment to more than 20 countries. Representative printing solutions by DYSS DYSS has developed its GM Small Flatbed UV Printer series to meet increasing market demand for small-size and small-quantity printing with various designs. DYSS also developed its Apollo Hybrid Series machine providing wide capability on a range of materials, from fl ex to rigid. DYSS Apollo Flatbed series has been born to provide perfect quality basement for printing on wide and heavy materials, which could not be handled on hybrid printers. These machines are designed specially to handle all the proto-typing, sample-making and short/medium production needs of packaging and point-of-sale display companies. Options include sheet feeder, conveyor system, roll off unit, back blowing function, and front & rear extension tables.

#27, Cheongneung-daero 468 Beon-gil, Namdong-gu, Incheon, Korea
Tel: (82-32) 446-4316 Fax: (82-32) 446-4319 E-mail: sales@dyss.com Website: http://www.dyss.com

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