3B – Ballast Water-Treatment System, Ballast Valve Remote-Control System and Ballast Tank Gauging System

https://korean-machinery.com///inquiry Since starting business in marine equipment industry in 1989, Hanla IMS has supplied reliable products to customers for 27 years. Based on these 27 years’ experiences, it has been able to develop loading computer, tank monitoring system, Valve remote control system, Ballast Water Treatment System (BWTS), LED lighting with its own technologies. It has been continuously growing up to become the best company in the fi eld. Now, as a specialist of total ballast system line up, all of its staff s are going to operate faster with 3B in their mind.

201610mm_page_059_03The 3B is its new campaign logo introducing Hanla IMS as a specialist of total ballast system line up.

The 3B means not only Ballast Water Treatment System, Ballast Valve Remote Control System and Ballast Tank Gauging System, but also Best Quality, Best Technology and Best Service.

Total Ballast System Line Up
Hanla IMS has developed the eco-friendly EcoGuardian�꽓 system for treating aquatic invasive species in a ship’s ballast water. Treatment method is side-stream type which enables the system to be remotely installed, away from the ballast line. The EcoGuardian�꽓 system can be installed separately by unit, so relocation of other equipment and additional engineering can be minimized.
Its BWTS named EcoGuardian�꽓 is ready to protect the fi ve oceans. In this EcoGuardian�꽓, the company has put all of its eff orts, technologies and experiences to provide its customers with its perfect BWTS. The company’s practical knowledge and understanding of the total ballast system line up through supplying valve control system and ballast gauging system will help its customers choose reliable and well-built BWTS.

Hanla IMS has off ered a solution of level measuring and also suggested control and monitoring solution as integrated system through continuous innovation. Its supply scope includes cargo monitoring system, remote tank level gauging system, fi xed gas sampling/detection system, vapor emission control system, loading computer and level switch/level gauge.

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