Global Leader of PE Ball Valves Networking for Water and Gas Application Polytec founded in 1998, has been pursuing its goal to become a global leader for PE ball valves and fi tt ings.

Polytec is a Global leader of PE Ball Valve networking for Water and Gas Application. Since its fi rst export of PE gas ball valve in 1996, Polytec has att racted customers in more than 25 countries from six continents.

Under the company’s mott o ‘Safety is our business,’ Polytec supplies PE gas ball valve to many pipeline fi elds around the globe and enjoys its reputation as a quality valve maker. Beyond the gas application, Polytec has also supplied its valve to industrial, water and waster water market and gott en good responses from its customers. It serves its clients with sincerity and dignity and says “Your project is our pleasure.” Polytec has been building up its global service network through long-term partnerships with the local industry leaders. The major countries that it exports to include China, the USA, Columbia, Japan, Brazil, Spain, New Zealand, Australia, Hong Kong, India, UAE, Egypt, Qatar and Russia.


Polytec’s Most Representative Product – PE Ball Valve

PE ball valve of Polytec has wide range of products that are in service for various applications. The applications include natural gas distribution systems, coal bed methane, industrial plants, water distribution systems and wastewater & sewage systems.

Polytec Polyethylene (PE) ball valve is mainly used as a fl ow control fi tt ing in low pressure gas distribution network. It opens/closes the gas fl ow at the time of emergency, maintenance and piping replacement.
As the PE ball valve is built with plastic, it has longer lifespan than steel valves. Also, the plastic body is free from erosion caused by chemical substances in the gas or electrical contact (LPG, LNG and other gas fuels). Full bore design and smooth PE wall allow the maximum fl ow capacity for the gas transportation.

PE Ball Valve’s integral purge connection makes it easy for compact and cost-eff ective installation. Massive designed body is also resistant to all piping loads, both in mechanical and thermal load. Specially compounded seats show excellent elasticity and toughness over the valves’ entire life.

Polytec PE ball valve also shows good performance in water and chemical application due to no erosion by chemical and water and good fl ow capacity by lower friction coeffi cient than steel valves. It is easy to install with wide range of product size (20-400 mm, 1/2~16 inches).

Lastly, it is environmentally friendly material as Polyethylene is safe for the human body. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

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