A Leader of the Bicycle Culture in Korea

https://korean-machinery.com///inquiry The story of Alton Sports is a story of a pioneer, braving the turbulence of the market and forging a new path to become the one and only self-producing bicycle brand in Korea.

201610mm_page_029_03Alton Sports is now preparing for an entirely new revolution with its affi liation with INNOX in 2016.

While the market conditions remain murky as ever with a low growth structure, unclear policy directions and sharp changes in trends, it will continue its journey to become a world-class bicycle manufacturer with an unwavering faith and leadership toward achieving its future vision.

With its goal to become a world-class market leader, Alton Sports has identifi ed management visions along with the goal of KRW 200 billion in sales. First, from manufacturing to logistics, sales and follow-up management, it will approach the entire process systematically to enhance the results. It will off er a diverse range of line-ups and models for the convenience and freedom of choice of customers.

201610mm_page_029_11By increasing its export capabilities, it will showcase the brand value of its name to the rest of the world. Lastly, it will off er not only highquality, but also a wider and more meaningful customer service.

Three Major Products that Represent Alton Sports and its Brands
201610mm_page_029_06Roadmaster, a hybrid bike and road bike brand that emphasizes speed and style, is built to dominate the road with fast and powerful riding.

This brand’s most representative model, Tochka, is a premier Fixie model that off ers streamlined aesthetics with its aero-type frame and 50mm high rim. The frame is made of Aluminum Fixie with 700 x 520 mm. Its crank set consists of Prowheel 46T Aluminum Chainwheel and Fixie Crank Arm. It weighs around 10.3kg and comes in black/red, black/yellow, yellow and navy.

Infi za’s road cycle product line maximizes the fun in riding with its unique composite material, which was based on the harmony of rigidity and elasticity. Infi za’s roda cycle product line was built with the dimensions of the average Korean in mind. Also, it is tailored to the terrain of the Korean Peninsula. Thus, Infi za’s road cycle model can provide unparalleled stability and comfort in riding.

Alton’s e-bikes utilize its patented internal batt ery design to minimize safety issues with regard to external factors such as rain or physical shock. E. Novatus 26 is made with a 26 x 457 internal batt ery smooth welding aluminum frame.

It is capable of being ridden over uneven terrain and in all road conditions.

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