Bringing the World Excellent Couplings Sungil Machinery. Co., Ltd has localized various kinds of high-precision couplings for the fi rst time in Korea.

Currently, its share of the Korean coupling market is over 60 percent. Sungil’s couplings have been exported to 25 countries worldwide. Support units, power locks and other factory automation parts, other main items of Sungil, are manufactured and off ered to the domestic and oversea markets based on the top-tier precise quality.
The company has continuously aimed for new product development to meet its customers’ diverse needs and will strive to be a global top-tier parts manufacturer in the factory automation industries.

Couplings are core parts to transfer motion and power that can absorb misalignments and vibration for accurate rotation. The SRB Series are radial beam-type fl exible couplings that are made of high-strength aluminum alloy in one-piece structures. Sungil Machinery has maximized the advantages of the German VMT type and made up for weak points.

The product features high torsional stiff ness, a highly permissible torgue and stability in high rotational speed and a low moment of inertia. A major characteristic of the Oldham Coupling is its excellent fl exibility and a wide range of parallel misalignment acceptability. No restoring force leads to a litt le weight (load) on the bearing and shaft.

Ball screw support units are excellently standardized and have very precise straightness, squareness and concentricity for ball-screw support. Power locks clamp a shaft with a hub very precisely and strongly. Their uniform material property makes the power locks easy to dissemble and reuse.
Expanding Overseas Markets

As a leading coupling manufacturing company in Korea, Sungil Machinery has supplied world-class products to companies manufacturing display, mobile device, semiconductor manufacturing equipment and industrial robots.
The company has been focused on boosting the competitiveness of the FA components market in Korea.

They are now exporting small precise couplings, support units and FA components to Japan, Germany and 20 other nations.
Its branch was opened in China and its sales corporation was established in Japan. Sungil Machinery also set up sales agencies in Europe, Southeast Asia and the Middle East to expand its overseas markets. The company is increasing its exports based on excellent quality and competitive prices. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

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