A Leading Specialist in Industrial Valves with Many Years of Proven Capability

https://korean-machinery.com///inquiry DoTEC is a professional and specialist valvemanufacturing company with many years of proven track record. This mediumsized company is dedicated to designing, developing and manufacturing a wide range of superior quality valves and customer-oriented in off ering prompt service. Many products are manufactured by DoTEC and some, with in-house QC tests and certifi cation by its professional engineers, are trade items.

201610mm_page_066_03Its products are supplied locally and worldwide for new and upgrading projects in chemical plants, petrochemical and thermal plants, and oilfi eld and refi nery applications, both onshore and off shore. It is capable of providing timely technical solutions to meet customers’ specifi c applications and needs and will promptly att end to any urgent enquiry.

With its long-standing experience and in-depth engineering knowledge in valve manufacturing, it is committ ed to satisfying its customers in terms of quality, price, and delivery and after sales service.

Major Products – Ball Valve and Swivel Joint

Trunnion ball valves are blow-out proof and antistatic, using spring and small ball design, the ball and body from static bore stem. Th201610mm_page_066_09e static caused by the ball and seat friction are grounded to avoid fi re or explosion. The stem incorporates the blow-out proof design. The stem and body have excellent sealing performance with redundant steam seals and a graphite gasket on the gland plate. They also have cavity relief design and double lock and bleed.

The two seats in the trunnion mounted ball valve can isolate the inlet and outlet to implement the double block.

When the valve is closed, with both ends having pressure, the cavity and the bore can be blocked. The media in the cavity can be bled down by the operation using a pressure relieving device.

Top-entry metal seat ball valves have several features such as extension of scope for use, no leakage, roundness of ball, prevention of galling and stability of operating toque.

It is possible to use in fi eld of fl ow control and in condition of high-temperature and high-pressure that is impossible to ues by Tefl on Touch Ball Valve. And there is no leakage because seat is pressed to ball bydisc spring regularly all the time. Excellent roundness of ball by using lapping machine is developed to improve seal capacity. Also, surface of the valve is harder than common ball valves. This valve shows good effi ciency especially in separate line because there is no galling on surface by special treatment.

201610mm_page_066_07Swivel joints have been optimally designed for ball bearing race. This is considered as high pressure application. It is the best design for high twist stress and optimized heat treatment on ball race. The point contact is designed to reduce friction factor.

DoTEC’s products have smooth and round bore to prevent pressure drop through the structure stress analysis, optimize bending design and production.

The ball race area is to be implemented with special treatment for longer life cycle.

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