Bringing Innovation to Handrail Sterilization Clear Win focuses on the hygiene of escalators and moving walks, which have become an essential part of modern society. The company began to develop handrail sterilization equipment Clear Win, as using escalators and walkway handrails causes health problems such as various pathogenic diseases and viruses because they are used by thousands of people every day.

Clear Win aims to contribute to ensuring a hygienic environment by sterilizing bacteria and viruses just by simply att aching it to an escalator or walkway handrail. The product received ISO9001, ISO14001, CE and KC certifi cates and has no rival products as it is the fi rst such product developed in the world. Clear Win features a simple cover design. Its L-shaped cover can protect internal devices.

Its ultraviolet lamp sterilizes various types of bacteria that inhabit the handrail. The product is engaged with a fi xed frame of a handrail through pressure. The rotational motion of a handrail is used to produce electric power by Clearwin. The main body of the product is fi xed to the balustrade of the moving walkways. The torsion spring maintains constant pressure on the handrail.

The rear roller and the handrail’s rotational force generate electric power. Electric power is produced by the UV germicidal lamp and operates the display by the lighting circuit confi guration. The product is easy to use with lightweight devices, has a simple structure and boasts more than 17,000 hours of the germicidal lamp’s life.


Useful Device for Crowded Places

201610mm_page_067_03This product comes in handy in crowded places with escalators such as department stores, shopping malls, airports, hospitals and subway stations among others.

Department stores and shopping malls are gett ing bigger and more populated.

Customers therefore want a cleaner environment. The Seoul subway, for example, is used by fi ve million people per day.

Thus, subway stations are susceptible to the spread of disease and epidemics. But it is impossible to clean all of the handrails of escalators every hour due to labor shortages. In hospitals, bacteria and contagious diseases can be spread via the handrails of escalators. Airports are paying att ention to prevent travelers from spreading contagious diseases through the handrails of escalators. Clear Win can hold the key to making escalators at these places clean and germfree. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

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