Dominating the Domestic Markets of Various Kinds of Safes As an ISO9001 certifi ed safe manufacturer in Korea, Bumil manufactures fi reresistant home safes, offi ce safes, fi ling cabinets, antiburglary safes and hotel safes. The company obtained certifi cates from well-known international certifi cation organizations such as the UL, JIS, SP and KS.

201610mm_page_076_03Products of Bumil Safe have been tested and approved annually in compliance with the stringent test methods by international certifi cation organizations such as UL, JIS, SP and KS. With proven reliability based on more than 50 years’ experience, Bumil Safe has a strong confi dence in the quality of its safes.

Fire-Resistant Homesafe is suitable for home and small business use. You may keep important documents, paper records and valuables in it. A convenient plastic tray is available to keep your items organized.

201610mm_page_076_10Filing Cabinet is specially designed to store important documents. With an excellent fi re resistance, a lock installed on the top of the drawer controls other drawers’ lock and unlock with a doublelock system. Lock options are provided for user’s diff erent purposes. This product is popular among government organizations, companies, banks and military units.

Platinum Anti-burglary Safe TL-30(UL certifi ed) is designed to give you the highest protection available for all forms of burglary. A solid 40mm casting of aluminum for torch resistance laced with solid carbide rods for resistance to drills saws and carbide cutt ing wheels. This special barrier material is provided on all six sides along to provide 105mm thick walls on all side including the top and bott om.

201610mm_page_076_13The door incorporates additional layers of steel and reinforced concrete for a total thickness of 160mm. The locking system is enhanced with a high-security, Germandesigned key lock and a digital lock. The locking system is further protected from penetration by a drill-proof steel plate imbedded with a ball bearing. Additional protection is added with a tempered glass plate re-lock system.

Fostering New Safety Culture

201610mm_page_076_07Starting out as a company specializing in safes and metal furniture, Bumil Safe quickly dominated the domestic market following its introduction of new and modern safes in society where the concept of a safe was practically unheard of. By introducing the concepts of “digital safes” and “intelligent safes” for the fi rst time based on the concept of a simple safe for keeping precious items, Bumil Safe recreated safes and fostered a new safety culture featuring the safe as part of secure and good living spaces.

201610mm_page_076_16Bumil Safe is unrivaled not only in fi reproof and anti-burglary safes but also in the general safe industry. Bumil Safe vows to realize its vision as the world’s best company in the safe industry by strengthening its competitiveness by increasing quality assurance activities and various management innovation activities. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

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