The Reliable Partner for Roofi ng Solutions With quality as its masthead, Roser stands out in the world. Mediocrity is not a term that Roser understands.

Over the past several years, the QC team of Roser worked to acquire ISO9001 certifi cation to enhance its other already impressive qualifi cations. From initial meetings with Roser to the completion of the job, Roser is a constant companion to ensure that its customers receive competent and thorough service.

Through ceaseless eff ort and meticulous work, Roser developed its brilliant technology for the benefi t of its clients. Roser’s Stone-coated Steel Roof is made of high quality Al-Zn alloy steel which is coated with high standard roofi ng stone granules. It has great long-term corrosion resistance in addition to an incredibly lightweight. It protects against various kinds of weather for people’s safety and comfort. Moreover, a wide selection of colors is available to suit its customers’ every need.
4 Premium Products that Can Enhance the Look of Roof with Elegant Design and Great Color Range

Roman Classic off ers a unique and distinctively beautiful roof for modern nobility like you and your family. Roman Classic, an elegant, romantic Mediterranean-style stonecoated steel roof, provides the aesthetic grace of the highest quality European tile combined with the distinguished merits of stone-coated steel roof. It creates the concept of a noble stone-coated steel roof.

Cleo is an elegant and romantic Mediterranean-style stone coated steel roof with a classic taste. Its classic aesthetic appeal and its unique coloration displayed a perfect harmony with the environment that will draw admiration from all homeowners.

With the beautifully fi nished two-tone color touch, StoneWood Shake adds premium wood grain design to your house. Stone Wood Shake is a world famous, unbelievably light-weight roofi ng system that can enhance the look of your roof with its elegant design and great color range.

StoneWood shake is designed and manufactured to withstand many kinds of severe weather such as extremely hot and cold temperature, strong wind, and heavy rain. The granulated stone clips on the surface give additional beauty and weather protection to your roof.

Piano Shingle is graceful roofi ng that adds a distinctive elegance and unique appeal to stylish homes with its bold surface appearance to give you the dimensional eff ect.

Piano Shingle has the heart of steel and an appearance that can blend naturally with all surrounding environment.

Unlike others, Piano Shingle has a unique double side overlapping advantage that fi ts perfectly for easy installation and less wastage of material. Piano Shingle comes with a wide range of rich colors to match your color preference for an ideal roof.
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