Flexing Muscles Abroad With New LED Traffi c Safety Arrows and GIS-Transporting Covers

https://korean-machinery.com///inquiry Woosungplatec Co. has originally been engaged in the production of interior & exterior materials for heavy, automotive and electronic parts industries, as well as plastic molds. Operating its own research and development institute, the fi rm has obtained the ISO 9001 certifi cation as well as many domestic patents for its products.

201610mm_page_064_03With accumulated experiences and production knowhow, the company is currently supplying a variety of items ranging from auxiliary products for heavy electrical machinery to general industrial products.

Best-Selling Items to Enjoy Growing Demand Overseas

201610mm_page_064_12Among the maker’s hott est-selling items are LED traffi c safety arrows.

CE-approved, the product (WS-02) is easy to use and ideal for preventing secondary car accidents. It can be used as an arrow indicator light and helps users to indirectly control the traffi c fl ow. Equipped with powerful neodymium magnet, it can be easily mounted in various locations on a car.

Its arrow shape can be adjusted by 180 degrees in 13 diff erent angles for the desired direction. The narrowly shaped LED indicator features increased visibility at night, thereby sharply reducing the risk of accidents. Its visibility range reaches 500m in the night and 200m in the daytime.

Its fl ickering can last 15 hours, while its lighting reaches eight hours.

201610mm_page_064_05The fi rm’s other popular items include gas insulated switchgear (GIS)-transporting covers. Made of plastic resin, the products eff ectively solve the problems of ordinary steel products. Very light, they allow the user to conduct the installation work by himself, thus helping save time and labor costs.

With minimized possibility of explosion, they do not easily explode when an outward shock is applied. Instead, they tear only to leave a hole on the surface. As a result, they minimize the loss of lives.
Unlike ordinary products which have just one hole for gas injection on top, they have an additional hole for measuring gas pressure, thus preventing explosion.

Due to their superior hardness, they require the user to install a separate rib only on the GIS’s fl ange part, in contrast with existing products which require the user to install the rib on the whole inside area of GIS’s cover. So, they are easy to clean and are recyclable.

Encouraged by high domestic popularity of its LED traffi c safety arrows, the manufacturer has actively explored overseas markets, especially in Japan, the USA and Malaysia. Its GIS-transporting covers are being supplied to big GIS manufacturers of Korea.

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