Producing Various Kinds of Top-quality Hydraulic Attachments October 2016 POQUTEC, Power Quality & Technology Co., is the South Korean manufacturer of the hydraulic att achments, which include hydraulic hammer/rock-concrete breaker, hydraulic crusher, hydraulic pulverizer, hydraulic shear, hydraulic vibrating plate compactor, hydraulic quick coupler/hitch, hydraulic grab/grapple, forklift att achments and others. They are used and applied for the construction and earth-moving machinery/equipment of any brands available in the international markets.

Equipped with advanced technology, strictly controlled quality, capable R&D and well-organized production facilities, POQUTEC does its best to ensure that international dealers and customers are satisfi ed in all aspects, with more than 15 years’ experience and knowhow.

Especially, the POQUTEC’s capability in selfdesigning and self-development of the hydraulic att achments has become key to the success of the company by meeting the various demands from the international markets properly on time.
List of POQUTEC’s products

Among the hagship prosucts from the company are: hydraulic breaker / hammer & spare parts, hydraulic vibrating ripper, non-hydraulic ripper, hydraulic vibrating hammer, hydraulic bucket crusher, hydraulic tilting bucket, hydraulic quick coupler, hydraulic plate compactor, hydraulic drum cutt er, hydraulic crusher, hydraulic grab / grapple, hydraulic super long reach boom, high reach demolition, material handler, telescopic dipper, and front shovel.
They are all 100% made in South Korea. POQUTEC has a self-production facility along with F&D and quality control in South Korea. It uses the highest quality certifi ed Korean steel as material. And it is equipped with full capacity for before and after service. It produces diversifi ed products with a range of att achments. Customized production is available as well. Finally, it has acquired international standards and certifi cates.
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