Leading manufacturer of punching and cutting machines

https://korean-machinery.com///inquiry [INQ. NO. 1610M06] Founded in 1994, Packers is a leading manufacturer of converting machineries specializing in lid & IML punching machines, cone sleeve punching machines, paper cup punching machines, perforating machines, and sheet cutt ing machines, for the fl exible packaging industry.
Flexible packaging material producers from all over the world are now producing various lids, labels and easy open packages for yogurt, cheese, cup noodle, coff ee, juice, tea, beer, wine, ice cream, dry milk, detergent, lens blister, medicine, etc., by using punching and cutt ing machines made by Packers.


Various punching and cutt ing machines that represent Packers

The Lid & IML punching machine of Packers produces automatically various lids and IMLs from printed or unprinted fl exible packaging materials. This machine can punch not only aluminum foil but also PE, PP, PET and laminates. The cone sleeve punching machine produces ice cream cone sleeves or waffle cone sleeves while the paper cup punching machine produces paper cup bodies from printed or unprinted paper roll.
As for cutt ing machines, perforating machines make perforated lines on the fl exible packaging fi lms so that consumers can easily open the packages for power products such as coff ee, tea, dry milk, etc. The sheet-cutt ing machine produces aluminum sheets or plastic fi lm sheets from the roll.

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