Manufacturing general aerosol products and providing oem/odm aerosol products [INQ. NO.1610M05] Based on its high technologies and its most advanced facilities, GS Chem. is well-qualifi ed as a leading manufacturer of general aerosol products by providing various kinds of OEM/ODM aerosol products for its valuable customers.
GS Chem. is also extending its markets worldwide constantly, including Japan, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, USA and Indonesia. GS Chem. can organize the whole process from developing undiluted solutions at customers’ requests to fi lling and charging these along with manufacturing cans. It means that GS Chem. has every solution for clients’ needs with regard to aerosol products.

Products lines of GS Chem. from household to industrial purposes

201610m_page_015_03GS Chem. has product lines ranging from household, to body care, car care and industrial. As for household products, they include air freshener, kitchen cleaner, air conditioner detergent, furniture polisher, deodorizer, dust remover, waterproof spray, cooling spray, insecticide and even fi re extinguisher. Body care line includes hair spray, deodorant, shaving foam and hand sanitizer, while car care includes tire cleaner, glass cleaner, engine cleaner, etc. For industrial purposes, GS Chem. produces mold cleaner, polyurethane foam and extreme pressure lubricant. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

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