Providing Perfect Solution with Milling, Drilling, Threading and Special Tools Founded in 1982, YG-1 is one of the top leading cutt ing tool manufacturers in the world, producing end mills, taps, drills, inserts and other types of special tools. YG-1’s commitment to quality, reliability and striving for constant innovation has allowed the company to expand its market share and its partners’ global network to develop solutions for the mold and die, aerospace, power generation, electronics and automotive industries.

As one of the main leading tool manufacturers, YG-1 is dedicated to off ering a unique customer experience by delivering high-quality cutt ing tool solutions around the world. In order to be responsible and to off er adapted local solutions, YG-1 has developed a worldwide production and sales network including the Republic of Korea, where it leads the market, the Unites States, Canada, Turkey, China, Japan, India as well as more than 30 sales subsidiaries throughout the world and a distribution network that operates in more than 75 countries.

YG-1, A Maker of Various Types of Cutting Tools

X5070 made with special carbide material and YG-1 tailored coating for high-hardened steels between HRc45 and HRc70 off ers excellent surface fi nish in dry and highspeed machining. Also, the unique geometry and negative rake angle guarantee high abrasion resistance.

Dream Drills are the perfect solution for a wide range of customers’ needs. There are various applications for general purpose, high-feed machining, stainless steels, aluminum, CFRP, high-hardened steels and MQL machining. It guarantees higher productivity because basically center drilling is not required and powerful drilling is available.

Combo Tap’s unique patented design of the fl ank surface prevents overfeeding, thin thread problems. It shows excellent performance in various work materials both in blind and through holes.
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