A Professional Company of Transmission Parts

https://korean-machinery.com///inquiry One Dream to One World NEOOTO is an expert manufacturer of an automotive powertrain parts driven by challenge, quality and customer trust.

201610mm_page_082_03Since its foundation in 1998, OTO has developed into the top automotive powertrain parts manufacturer in Korea through continuous and self-driven technical innovation with “autonomous management” as its basis.

For more than 15 years of supplying transmission parts to Hyundai Motor and Kia Motors, OTO has received top scores in assessments. OTO has a yearly production scale of 52 million units (5.5 million for completed vehicles). The company can fully produce any core transmission part with its full assembly line, including manual, automatic and continuously variable transmissions and DCT.

201610mm_page_082_10As main products, OTO produces Piston Clutch, Output Shaft, T/F Drive Gear, Speed Gear, Clutch Gear, Annulus Assembly. NEOOTO produces high-quality Helical Gear(Pinion Gear, T/F Gear, Diff Gear, Output Shaft), Ring Gear(Annulus Gear), Assembly(Diff erential Assembly, T/F Assembly)

World Class Quality Management At NEOOTO, its management policies are centered on quality as its top priority.

Its in-process inspection and measurement facilities are equipped with a variety of cutt ing edge precision measurement equipment. NEOOTO monitors all inspection results from incoming, in-process and fi nal inspections using SPC and QMS systems, and by forming a network between its partners and its clients, NEOOTO is able to provide real-time product quality information. NEOOTO realized defective rates14.9ppm in 2015. And based on this, NEOOTO scored 4.5 Star from Hyundai Powertech(Top 0.5%)

Expanding the logistics base OTO and NEOOTO are expanding the production base and the logistics base to Vietnam, India, and Czech Republic together with globalization of the domestic automobile industry. NEOOTO has gained its recognition as a global enterprise specialized in power trains through its top notch technology for handling the entire process from ordering to delivery of 4 large-sized gears to Hyundai Motors.
Bett er Future Ahead NEOOTO was selected as one of the World Class 300 and Specialized Global Companies by the Ministry of Trade, Industry & Energy and the Small Business Administration in a ceremony in Seoul in June 2016. Thus, NEOOTO will be able to receive various kinds of support from the government such as for R&D and overseas marketing.

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