To Lead Marine Environmental Industry with ECS (Electro-Cleen System) Techcross is one of the major BWMS manufacturers with electrolysis technologies treating invasive marine species in ballast water. Techcross has grown to be a leading global BWMS maker by obtaining the world’s fi rst IMO Basic Approval and several remarkable achievements in the BWMS industry since the IMO BWM Convention was adopted in 2004.

Techcross is not only upgrading its BWMS performance but also expanding its global service network to provide customers with the best services.

ECS – the Most Effective Ballast Water Management with Electrolysis Technology

Techcross’ ECS (Electro-Cleen System) is the most eff ective ballast water management system using electrolysis technology. ECS uses application of electric currents to the titanium electrodes, the electric potential produced increases disinfection effi cacy by destroying cell membranes of microorganisms as a result of generating voltage.

In addition, OH-radicals generated during the electrolysis procedure by the electrodes also disinfect microorganisms. Through electrolysis, a suffi cient amount of TRO is generated, preventing the re-growth of microorganisms and maintaining disinfection effi cacy. Also, ECS treats ballast water only once just during ballasting. Many other BWMS treat both at ballasting and deballasting. ECS will guarantee the long-term performance and provide fl exibility of vessel operating for ship owners with relatively simple installation for shipyards.

This system was among the fi rst to gain type approval and has been in commercial production since 2008. No fi ltration is used and the full ballast stream is treated using electrolysis to produce both sodium hypochlorite and hydroxyl radicals to act as disinfectants. Hydrogen gas production is minimal, so separate venting is not required.

The system is modular and scalable. The electrolysis units are produced in standard and explosion proof versions for tankers and gas carriers.

At discharge, TRO levels are monitored and neutralized using an automatic neutralization unit if necessary as the TRO levels naturally degrade over a period of time. The system can be delivered as separate components suitable for newbuilds and retrofi ts, as skid mounted pre-assembled systems and can also be housed in containers for deck installations when special circumstances dictate.
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