Accomplishing Environment-friendly Green Growth and Delivering a Next-Generation Vehicle Ecocar Inc., since its establishment in 2004, has been consistently investing and developing in eco-friendly technology, and in recognition of such passion, it was awarded with a commendation from the Ministry of Environment and is proud to be the pioneer to develop and manufacture the fi rst electric motorcycle in Korea. It also owns 17 related technical certifi cations and was selected as a Seoul Patent Star Enterprise in recognition of its unique technical know-how.
Ecocar Inc. is expanding its business from special equipment vehicles such as multi-purpose sprayers to the electric two-wheeled vehicle and the quick charging station sectors which as the Next Generation business fi eld with great potential. Especially, the quick charging station sector is to construct the infrastructure for the Next Generation vehicles such as electric car, electric two-wheeled vehicle and electric bus. Ecocar will put its best eff orts into applying its various eco-friendly technologies on the city roads for energy saving and clean environment by maximizing the energy effi ciency.

Two Major Products that Represent Ecocar, Luce and Disinfection Equipment

With alternate non-fossil fuel transportation drawing att ention around the globe, Ecocar’s main product LUCE is the Korea’s fi rst developed and manufactured electric motorcycle. It has 87% energy effi ciency, comparable performance to 50cc motor scooter, powerful climbing ability through light-weight and high effi cient motor, detachable lithium-ion batt eries, LED side mirror, high brightness tail lamps, hill holding system and ABS brakes.

It has achieved both the convenience and safety that mark it as a “smart vehicle.” In addition, with cooperation with an Italy-based design company Carcerano, Luce is equipped with overseas favored modern design and also practicality which make it competitive among its rivals.

The disinfection equipment developed by Ecocar, Inc. is designed to eff ectively prevent diseases such as bird fl u, SARS and foot-and-mouth disease. It has evolved from conventional ways of blowing smog in the area into aerosol-type liquid spraying to achieve signifi cant decrease in bactericidal and insecticidal activity. The 360-degrees injection effi ciently increases the working area and remote control system safeguards the operator from possible pesticide poisoning. It is a prime method to prevent contagious disease.
The equipment was supplied by the government of Republic of Korea to North Korea during the emergency state of bird fl u spreading and it was also exported to Iraq through the Ministry of Foreign Aff airs. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

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