Machine-room-less elevator [INQ. NO. 1610M30] Anam Tech’s machine-room-less elevators are based on EN-81 designs for the best safety. Unlike the existing elevators with machine rooms, its elevators have no machine rooms above the hoist way for efficient utilization of space and reduction of installation costs.

Machine roomless elevators also used high-efficiency synchronous motors to save power consumption, and are utilized in a wide range of sectors from public offices, to schools, and hospitals, for the convenience of customers.

Anam Tech was established in 1995 and has been growing for 20 years with its own technologies. Anam Tech has been making a constant effort to create a new culture for elevator and parking system with the idea of “ANAM 2020(New thinking, New technology, New company),” based on company philosophies, such as customer satisfaction, ethical management, and community service. Anam Tech has also been improving the quality and development of its products.

Anam Tech has acquired ISO 9001:2009 and ISO 14001:2009 certifications. Anam Tech is also supplying the best facility materials for various electricity generation facilities, subways, hospitals, public offices, hotels, refrigeration warehouses, POSCO, shipping and airports, and managing them to satisfy its customers.

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