Korea’s exports in Oct. dn 3.2% due to Hyundai strike, Galaxy Note7 crisis

https://korean-machinery.com///inquiry South Korea’s exports sank 3.2 percent in October from the year-ago period to reach $41.9 billion with shipments hurt by lengthy strike at auto-making sites and recall and discontinuation of Galaxy Note7 premium phone. Except for August, Korean exports contracted against the previous year since December 2014, the fi rst time exports that drives the economy has been sluggish for so long.
Refl ecting poor domestic demand, imports in October slipped 5.4 percent year-on-year to $34.8 billion. The nation as result recorded a trade surplus of $7.2 billion last month, a black fi gure for the 57th consecutive month, according to the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy on Tuesday.

Exports of automobiles fell 11.8 percent year-on-year and outbound shipments of wireless electronics devices tumbled 28.1 percent, the biggest drop since July in 2012 hit by the exit of Galaxy Note7.

By item, exports of semiconductor, vessels and computers have increased. Shipments in petrochemical and steel products, automobiles, petroleum products and electronic appliances improved.

Shipments of fl at panel displays and computers were strongest for the year, recording $2.38 billion and $790 million, respectively. Exports of cosmetics reached $400 million, the second largest monthly export amount in the nation’s history.

By nation, exports to China came to $11.1 billion, the largest for the year. The fi gure is down 11.3 percent from the same period of last year. Exports to Vietnam have continued to rise and those to the European Union, Southeast Asian countries and the Middle East have turned upward. Exports to the U.S. and Japan remained soft.


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A Professional Company of Transmission Parts


201610mm_page_082_03[INQ. NO. 1611M38] One Dream to One World NEOOTO is an expert manufacturer of an automotive powertrain parts driven by challenge, quality and customer trust. Since its foundation in 1998, OTO has developed into the top automotive powertrain parts manufacturer in Korea through continuous and self-driven technical innovation with “autonomous management” as its basis.

For more than 15 years of supplying transmission parts to Hyundai Motor and Kia Motors, 201610mm_page_082_10OTO has received top scores in assessments. OTO has a yearly production scale of 52 million units (5.5 million for completed vehicles). The company can fully produce any core transmission part with its full assembly line, including manual, automatic and continuously variable transmissions and DCT.

As main products, OTO produces Piston Clutch, Output Shaft, T/F Drive Gear, Speed Gear, Clutch Gear, Annulus Assembly. NEOOTO produces high-quality Helical Gear(Pinion Gear, T/F Gear, Diff Gear, Output Shaft), Ring Gear(Annulus Gear), Assembly(Diff erential Assembly, T/F Assembly) World Class Quality Management At NEOOTO, its management policies are centered on quality as its top priority.

Its in-process inspection and measurement facilities are equipped with a variety of cutt ing edge precision measurement equipment. NEOOTO monitors all inspection results from incoming, in-process and fi nal inspections using SPC and QMS systems, and by forming a network between its partners and its clients, NEOOTO is able to provide real-time product quality information. NEOOTO realized defective rates14.9ppm in 2015. And based on this, NEOOTO scored 4.5 Star from Hyundai Powertech(Top 0.5%) Expanding the logistics base OTO and NEOOTO are expanding the production base and the logistics base to Vietnam, India, and Czech Republic together with globalization of the domestic automobile industry. NEOOTO has gained its recognition as a global enterprise specialized in power trains through its top notch technology for handling the entire process from ordering to delivery of 4 large-sized gears to Hyundai Motors.

Bett er Future Ahead


NEOOTO was selected as one of the World Class 300 and Specialized Global Companies by the Ministry of Trade, Industry & Energy and the Small Business Administration in a ceremony in Seoul in June 2016. Thus, NEOOTO will be able to receive various kinds of support from the government such as for R&D and overseas marketing.


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An R&D Specialized Company Producing Products Armed with Eco-friendly Technologies

https://korean-machinery.com///inquiry 201611mm_page_75_03INQ. NO. 1611M33] Taeyoung M&F Co., Ltd. is an R&D specialized eco-friendly technology company that produces chemical catalysts, absorbent, chemical fi lters, and electric precipitation technology based ultra-small precipitation systems in order to remove ultrafi ne particles and toxic substances,

Taeyoung M&F produces low-temperature catalysts to remove harmful gases using metal-oxide, based on macromolecule combination and catalyst platform technologies ─ absorbent to remove harmful gas in the process of manufacturing semiconductor/display/solar batt ery/LED and painting; and functional absorbent and impregnated active carbon to improve indoor air-quality,

Recently, Taeyoung M&F has been able to successfully commercialize synthesis and plasticity technologies of natural nano-ceramic supporter that is more excellent than active carbon in air porosity and surface diff usion and can maximize dispersibility of catalysts and impregnated materials,
Taeyoung M&F also successfully developed a nanocatalyst that is excellent in oxidation reaction selectivity at room temperature with the focus on R&D of cutt ing-edge environment new materials. It also produces various trapping systems such as a complex dust-trapping system, smoke-removal device, ill-smelling-gas removal device, and a smoke cabin to remove ultra-fi ne dust and harmful gas simultaneously and to solve local pollution,

Various Products to Remove Indoor- and Air-Pollutants such as Fine Particles, Smoke, Odor and Toxic Gases

All the products of Airomate, Taeyoung M&F’s brand name, provide a healthy and safe environment to people by removing indoor and air pollutants such as fi ne particles, smoke, odors, toxic gases, etc,

Nearly all the problems that can occur in a variety of fi elds can be solved by improving the indoor-air-quality and reducing generation of toxic gas. The smoke-removal system can be classifi ed into smoking room, roaster, barbeque and industrial, and eff ectively remove all the harmful smoke,

Smoking booth system is a high-performance smoking booth which combines an advanced fl uid dynamics technology and a smoke-removal system designed to fi lter cigarett e smoke,

As for chemical fi lters, one important thing that comprises a fi lter is the chemical material itself. Taeyoung M&F has proprietary technologies specialized in chemical and physical fi ltration of various toxic gases. The air sterilizer completely inactivates all the viruses and MRSA that exist indoors. Filtering fi ne particles, toxic gases and odors is essential. It can be used in hospitals, hospices, schools and homes.
Lastly, Airomate’s elevator air sterilization and purifi cation system is an air-purifi cation system optimized for elevators by analyzing and evaluating contaminants inside the elevator hoistway, elevator, and the environment.

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Pipe couplings and pipe repair clamps

https://korean-machinery.com///inquiry Metal is a Korea-based company that specializes in manufacturing pipe couplings and pipe repair clamps. The firm has strived to produce quality pipe-couplings and pipe-repair clamps at low cost and obtained many patents and certifications, including formal approval from classification societies of eight nations, CE Mark, KC certification in hygienic safety standards, and ISO 9001 approved by Lloyd’s Register Quality Assurance (LRQA).

While pipes are commonly joined to each other by welding, using flanges or threads, or bending by using a special compressor, which involve high labor costs and are time consuming, Youngnam Metal’s products are highly economical and cost- and time-effective.
Youngnam couplings handle pipe-misalignment and are flexible enough to withstand thermal shock and expansion, vibration, and bending, and are therefore versatile and earthquake-resistant.

Youngnam Couplings are suitable for all types of pipes made from any materials, including steel, PVC/PE, copper, and copper-iron, and for transporting all types of fluids, including oil, gas, hot and cold water, and sewage. They are readily assembled and disassembled by using common tools for maintenance and repair. Couplings can be unscrewed to clear a clogged pipe. Youngnam Couplings meets KS, JIS, ASTM, DIN, and ISO standards as well as non-standard pipes. SUS 304/316L and rubber gaskets use EPDM, NBR, SILICONE, and VITON.

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Auto Parts for Worldwide Prominent Carmakers

https://korean-machinery.com///inquiry [INQ. NO. 1611M31] Since its establishment in 2003, KC Co. Ltd., has recorded double-digit sales growth every year through strengthening competitiveness and innovating technology. KC Co. Ltd., established a research institute in June 2007, which has helped to achieve both high quality and competitive price.

The products of KC are recognized in the automobile market for their excellent quality. Therefore, they have been provided for worldwide prominent carmakers such as Delphi, Visteon and Valeo.
KC manufactures various compressors ranging from HS type to KC & DCS type. For example, the CVC & VS type compressor can be installed in many sorts of cars, featuring commercialized clutch and mount design.

It improved the function of variable compressors, which makes operation smoother and reduces the fuel consumption rate by up to 7-14%. OEM parts include main holder, lug-shift, guide valve, collar, chain roller, CAM shaft, OEM parts, fan clutch, finger control, lever shift, lug shift and piston. As for casting products, there are swash plate type, fork shift, crank case, cylinder liner, HUB, ROTOR and valve guide.

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Factory automation system

https://korean-machinery.com///inquiry [INQ. NO. 1611M30] HTC is concentrating on 201611mm_page_73_09customer-oriented production activity that involves strengthening superior corporate competitiveness and multiple cultures. In this context, it is activating domestic sales and exports simultaneously.

To secure the trust of its customers, HTC maximizes profit by manufacturing the best-quality products with the cutting edge technology it developed, doing its best to meet the delivery dates based on an innovative manufacturing system, and rationalize the production and management system aiming at zero defects under the production system of both small-quantity batch production and mass production.

With its full line up equipment base, HTC has established various lines of the hydraulic cylinder for various machine tools, exclusive processing machines, and assembly systems201611mm_page_73_11. Based on this system, it promises sustainable growth by innovating the production system for customers and creating maximum investment effect.

M/C development division covers hydraulic cylinder manufacturing processes, angle head processes, axle housing lines, plate edge milling machines, link manufacturing processes and chip crushers. And factory automation covers CNC control systems & system retrofit and machine robot processes.

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Micro&superfinishing equipment

https://korean-machinery.com///inquiry [INQ. NO. 1611M29] Solomon Mechanics Co., Ltd. is a factory automation specialized company that can provide optimal solutions for a client company’s automation parts assembly line.

Compared with existing grinding methods, Solomon Mechanics’ micro & superfinishing equipment produces clean and precise polished surface with surface roughness, Ra0.001, without any chattering marks caused by wheel balancing, tail mark, or grinding transfer marks due to grinding method, through a combination of grinding transfer with consistent speed, left and right reciprocating action and proper rotation speed.
The products that are available to clients through application of micro & superfinishing equipment include large-sized rubber roll, urethane roll, chilled roll, dynaware, hard chromium electroplating, plazma coating roll, copper roll, ceramic roll, tungsten carbide roll, crankshaft, gear shaft, cylinder, engine parts, shock absorber, cone bearing cup, engine valve, press roll for iron manufacture, photocopier drum, print parts, electronic parts, hydraulic parts, airplane parts, etc.

The equipment is a grinder that can boost productivity for small parts using micro & superfinishing method. It can provide various and yet precise solutions according to clients’ requests.

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A/S Parts for Ships & Generators Relief (Safety ) Valves

https://korean-machinery.com///inquiry [INQ. NO. 1611M28] Sung Chang Industry’s major product is A/S parts for valve train systems of engines. Valve train systems are an important driving part that controls engine operation. The valve train system converts rotational motion from cam into rectilinear motion of intake/exhaust valves through swing arm, push rod, lock arm, yoke, etc. to govern opening/closing of valve.

Since parts comprising a valve train make contact with each other and operate interactively, a product requires high durability and strength as well as reliability.
Roller and bush support crankshaft in engine frame body with bearings. They are separable so that crankshafts can be assembled/disassembled easily. As for the main bearing cap (MBC)/Guide, it is a mechanism that links rotational motion and rectilinear motion.

Special heat treatment and high precision shape machining are required for the various materials and oil supply port. A piston pin serves to connect the piston to the connecting rod. It passes through the pin bosses in the piston and upper end of the connecting rod. The pin is hollow to reduce the overall weight of the reciprocating mass.

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Special Fittings in Brass, Carbon Steel and Stainless Steel

https://korean-machinery.com///inquiry as an oil hydraulic fitting manufacturer with the whole range of processes from R&D to production. SamHo has designed and developed many special fittings in brass, carbon steel & stainless steel with good technical experience and manufacturing know-how. It has been manufacturing fittings to all internationally recognized standards such as BSP, JIC, JIS & DIN.

Automotive parts such as fluid connectors and machining parts are made by high-precision work and machines and typically used in fuel injection systems, fuel management controls and oil & water fluctuation controls in power train (truck engines).
As for oil hydraulic fittings, its high- quality products, competitive pricing and technical support have made SamHo a leader in the engineering and manufacture of hydraulic tube fittings, adapters and fluid connectors since 1989. SamHo offers a complete line of SAE standard fitting styles as well as the industry’s widest selection of non-standard configurations. It also manufactures special customized parts.

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Diesel Engine Parts for Ships and Wind-Power Main Shafts


201611mm_page_71_09[INQ. NO. 1611M26] Samjeong E&W is a representative enterprise in the component technology of ship engines and wind-power generation. Since its establishment in 1983, Samjeong E&W has played a vital role in the shipbuilding industry and the wind-power industry in Korea, providing the best quality in main shaft technology of diesel engine parts for ships and wind-power main shafts.

201611mm_page_71_11Moreover, foreign wind main shafts are being processed and manufactured for the first time in Korea and along with making a great contribution toward the advancements in the green energy industry, it is taking off as an integrated machinery corporation, from precise manufacturing to construction.

Manufacturing High-Tech Components Used in Ships’ Diesel Engines and Wind-Power Plants201611mm_page_71_14

Samjeong E&W contributes to the development of the plant industry while manufacturing core plant equipment in the plant industry with advanced knowledge and practical technology, and offering major plant components for both domestic and overseas power plants. Major products include power plants, petro-chemical & offshore plants, marine engines, wind turbines and steel making plants.

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