An R&D Specialized Company Producing Products Armed with Eco-friendly Technologies 201611mm_page_75_03INQ. NO. 1611M33] Taeyoung M&F Co., Ltd. is an R&D specialized eco-friendly technology company that produces chemical catalysts, absorbent, chemical fi lters, and electric precipitation technology based ultra-small precipitation systems in order to remove ultrafi ne particles and toxic substances,

Taeyoung M&F produces low-temperature catalysts to remove harmful gases using metal-oxide, based on macromolecule combination and catalyst platform technologies ─ absorbent to remove harmful gas in the process of manufacturing semiconductor/display/solar batt ery/LED and painting; and functional absorbent and impregnated active carbon to improve indoor air-quality,

Recently, Taeyoung M&F has been able to successfully commercialize synthesis and plasticity technologies of natural nano-ceramic supporter that is more excellent than active carbon in air porosity and surface diff usion and can maximize dispersibility of catalysts and impregnated materials,
Taeyoung M&F also successfully developed a nanocatalyst that is excellent in oxidation reaction selectivity at room temperature with the focus on R&D of cutt ing-edge environment new materials. It also produces various trapping systems such as a complex dust-trapping system, smoke-removal device, ill-smelling-gas removal device, and a smoke cabin to remove ultra-fi ne dust and harmful gas simultaneously and to solve local pollution,

Various Products to Remove Indoor- and Air-Pollutants such as Fine Particles, Smoke, Odor and Toxic Gases

All the products of Airomate, Taeyoung M&F’s brand name, provide a healthy and safe environment to people by removing indoor and air pollutants such as fi ne particles, smoke, odors, toxic gases, etc,

Nearly all the problems that can occur in a variety of fi elds can be solved by improving the indoor-air-quality and reducing generation of toxic gas. The smoke-removal system can be classifi ed into smoking room, roaster, barbeque and industrial, and eff ectively remove all the harmful smoke,

Smoking booth system is a high-performance smoking booth which combines an advanced fl uid dynamics technology and a smoke-removal system designed to fi lter cigarett e smoke,

As for chemical fi lters, one important thing that comprises a fi lter is the chemical material itself. Taeyoung M&F has proprietary technologies specialized in chemical and physical fi ltration of various toxic gases. The air sterilizer completely inactivates all the viruses and MRSA that exist indoors. Filtering fi ne particles, toxic gases and odors is essential. It can be used in hospitals, hospices, schools and homes.
Lastly, Airomate’s elevator air sterilization and purifi cation system is an air-purifi cation system optimized for elevators by analyzing and evaluating contaminants inside the elevator hoistway, elevator, and the environment. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

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