Diesel Engine Parts for Ships and Wind-Power Main Shafts


201611mm_page_71_09[INQ. NO. 1611M26] Samjeong E&W is a representative enterprise in the component technology of ship engines and wind-power generation. Since its establishment in 1983, Samjeong E&W has played a vital role in the shipbuilding industry and the wind-power industry in Korea, providing the best quality in main shaft technology of diesel engine parts for ships and wind-power main shafts.

201611mm_page_71_11Moreover, foreign wind main shafts are being processed and manufactured for the first time in Korea and along with making a great contribution toward the advancements in the green energy industry, it is taking off as an integrated machinery corporation, from precise manufacturing to construction.

Manufacturing High-Tech Components Used in Ships’ Diesel Engines and Wind-Power Plants201611mm_page_71_14

Samjeong E&W contributes to the development of the plant industry while manufacturing core plant equipment in the plant industry with advanced knowledge and practical technology, and offering major plant components for both domestic and overseas power plants. Major products include power plants, petro-chemical & offshore plants, marine engines, wind turbines and steel making plants.

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