Shipping Materials, Especially Deck Machinery such as Winches and Cranes [INQ. NO. 1611M15] Since its founding in 1988, A-Rim Machinery & Engineering Co. has been manufacturing shipping materials; especially deck machinery such as winches and cranes. Out of all the products manufactured by A-Rim, more than 50% have been exported under the company’s own brand. Thanks to the increase in product items and quality improvement over the past 28 years, A-Rim is now being favorably recognized and receiving many orders from foreign shipyards and owners.

Deck Machinery and Ship Machinery


A-Rim’s products are largely divided into two categories: deck machinery and ship machinery. Its products are as follows: Deck machinery (windlass & mooring winch), vertical windlass for LST, steering gear, hydraulic pump unit, 30 ton tremie pipe winch, towing winch for tug boat, hose handling crane, stern hose handling c/w rescue & life raft crane, knuckle crane for offshore, knuckle crane for AHTS (offshore), telescopic crane for AHTS (offshore), knuckle / telescopic crane for AOE navy ship, 60 ton telescopic crane for offshore, 65 ton crane for LST navy ship, A-Frame for oceanographic research ship, rescue boat davit for coast guard & navy ship, rescue boat davit for coast guard & navy ship, boat launching & recovery system for navy ship, fender davit for FLNG, 300 ton puller for salvage, and 600 ton puller for salvage. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

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