Specialization in Engineering and Manufacturing of Gas Turbine Generator Systems and Silencers for Applications to Power Plants and Ship & Marine

https://korean-machinery.com///inquiry [INQ. NO. 1611M19] NRTEC Co., Ltd. was founded in 2002 and became a renowned company specializing in engineering and manufacturing of gas turbine generator systems and silencers for applications to power plants and ship & marine. NRTEC is able not only to manufacture custom-engineered products, but also to perform noise & vibration analysis, fluid-flow analysis, and structural analysis ? to guarantee the performance of its products. NRTEC is the only company in Korea that has experience with super-sized hydraulic cylinders for dam gates for overseas clients, such as Bakum dam in Malaysia and Vietnam.







Gas Turbine Generator Systems Steam Vent Silencers, Stack Silencers & Supersized Hydraulic Cylinders

NRTEC provides optimized gas turbine generator systems that fit the requirements of each project based on the company’s proven skills in design, engineering and manufacturing. It also offers high performance by carrying out shop tests. Taking advantage of more than a decade of experience in manufacturing silencers for steam, natural gas, compressed air, etc., NRTEC provides customized engineering solutions according to fluid velocity, pressures and temperatures. NRTEC’s main stack & bypass silencers are designed based on the analysis of structures, thermal expansion, achieving optimal dynamic insertion loss and pressure drop. Lastly, NRTEC offers supersized hydraulic cylinders as long as 20 meters and hydraulic power unit.

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