A Specialty Maker of Processing Precision Parts

https://korean-machinery.com///inquiry Daesung Hi-Tech Co., Ltd. is a company believing in perfecting even the smallest task and parts. Such a commitment enabled Daesung Hi-Tech to successfully manufacture and fully export processed machine parts.

Some of its main products include machine tool parts, industrial machine tool parts, semiconductor device parts and steel machine parts. By building up technological assets, Daesung Hi-Tech now manufactures complete machines.
Since its founding in 1995, Daesung Hi-Tech has been processing engaging in the business of processing precision parts in micron units. Daesung Hi-Tech is recognized for its excellent technology in the Japanese market and has been trading with Japanese customers for nearly 20 years. The company is also exporting its products to the United States, the United Kingdom, China and Singapore. Its exports account for 85% of its total sales.

There are many fl agship products by the company.

Index Coupling (Hirth Type) performs the position division of index tables, NC lathes, turret devices and others. The company succeeded in developing them and is exporting them to Japan and all over the world. This product is good at semi-rough cutt ing work thanks to high resistance and high output deliveries.

Spindle Spacer is used to fi x spindle bearings of machine tools. This product is suitable for various kinds of high precision products requiring parallelism of up to 0.001.

Collets fi x M/C seal unit parts are functional products which require high precision and their production processes are complex depending on parts. Feed units’ high precision can maintain for a long time. It is possible to adjust strokes and their sliding parts are easy to lubricate.

Processing Jig Fixture & Unit Assembly place a part on a jig accurately and quickly. When the same products are continuously assembled, all products are within a certain tolerance so that there is no deformation and trembling.


Diversifying Sales Channels

In order to survive and lead amidst fi erce international competition, Daesung Hi-Tech is equipped with the latest processing facilities and has implemented a production system of parts processing, parts assembly and fi nishing.

Such a system enables the company to achieve a “zero” defect rate and gain advantages in terms of technology, quality and prices. Daesung Hi-Tech att ained the ISO9001 (Korea Standard Association) in November 2001 and ISO 14001 in August 2007. Also the company was certifi ed as a fi rst-class machine processing company in September 2008.

With enhanced technology, the company is taking a proactive step to provide its customers with solutions to meet their needs.
201612mm_page_23_07In 2016, Daesung Hi-Tech is diversifying its sales channels not only for machine tools but also for supplying precision machined parts for various industries. The company is also focusing on securing the competitiveness of automatic lathes and tapping centers to increase its sales and further grow its business.

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