Forefront Runner of Lightweight Foamed Concrete Business Since 1992, when JeilKipo was founded, it has been constantly striving to be at the forefront of the lightweight foamed concrete business. An R&D department was created to study lightweight foamed concrete. Therefore, JeilKipo has been able to record excellent achievements and obtain four patents.

The patents include manufacture of lightweight foamed concrete with excellent stability, sink hole prevention method by closed tube sett lement method, pavement method using lightweight foamed concrete with excellent water permeability and mobile lightweight foam concrete production equipment. It was the fi rst to earn a certifi cate IOS 9000 and acquire a certifi cate of recommendation as a purchase and venture company.

In particular, it has grown steadily this year, having established not only individual businesses but also corporations. In addition, it is striving to develop overseas markets, not being merely satisfi ed with success in the domestic market.

Currently, it has established overseas branch offi ces in Mongolia to produce a lightweight foam concrete block, aka, ALC block, and strive to continuously invest and grow to secure a distribution line. JeilKipo will continuously strive and challenge to grow continuously.


ALC Block with Fireproofi ng, Insulation and Soundproofi ng Save Time and Cost

201612mm_page_22_03A lightweight foam concrete block (ALC block or AAC block) is a product that is cured after pouring lightweight foamed concrete into a mold. ALC blocks have excellent performance such as fi reproof, insulation and soundproofi ng qualities, so they can be used in various construction sites, but the most applied ones are the inner walls of large buildings such as apartments and buildings.

If you use ALC block, you can save construction time and cost because it conforms to the architectural design standard without any additional insulation and soundproofi ng. In addition, a large number of minute independent bubbles are generated in the ALC block, and it is possible to control the self-humidity by putt ing or spitt ing moisture according to the ambient humidity. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

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