Manufacturing Centrifugal Dehydrators, Centrifugal Separators and Centrifugal Concentrators its establishment in 1997, Songpo Hightech Co., Ltd. has been manufacturing centrifugal dehydrators, centrifugal separators and centrifugal concentrators that separate, refi ne, dehydrate and concentrate existing sludge at sewage disposal plants, waste water disposal plants, waste from stock raising and food waste disposal plants based on density, components and weight.

By securing excellent personnel and various production facilities, the company can manufacture not only basic models but also customized products with special specifi cations with environmentally friendly and industryfriendly technologies.

How Centrifugal Dehydrators, Centrifugal Separators and Centrifugal Concentrators function


Sewer processing machines dehydrate concentrated sludge by centrifugal force. There are three types of centrifuges ? horizontal and continuous; vertical and continuous; and vertical and bathing. The machine separates, refi nes and concentrates materials with diff erent ingredients and gravity using centrifugal force. Centrifuge is mostly used to divide homogenate into several parts by centrifugal force. Homogenate in the test tube can be divided depending on the size and density of particles by revolving at high speed. The performance of centrifuge is decided by the centrifugal force against gravity, or the centrifugal eff ect (centrifuge acceleration / gravity acceleration).

A decanter centrifuge has less-harmful eff ects on the environment compared with other centrifuges and operates stably without the need for the operator’s careful att ention.

As much as 90% or more solids of low density surplus sludge can be removed without a coagulant and its process ability can be boosted with a small amount of coagulant.

The density of emission can be adjusted between 1% and 10%. In addition, it has a speed adjustment function that makes concentration of the same density emit continuously against the change of inlet sludge density by adjusting the inner-screw-speed automatically.

A centrifugal separator processes a large volume of waste rapidly produced in a small space and various types of solids very fast and continuously without screen, fi lter cloth and washing liquid. The collect rate of solids is high and the water in the liquid holdup is low. In addition, it can handle changes in solid concentration well. It consists of a bowl, screw conveyor, gearbox, casing that protects revolving parts, driving gear that revolves the bowl, diff erential gear that controls rotation of the screw conveyor, and an controller. Bowl revolves very fast and the rotation of the screw conveyor can be controlled by fi xed operation by the deceleration ratio of the gearbox or the diff erential gear.

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