Supplying Scaff olding Products and Parts to the Global Market Industrial Co. Ltd. has been supplying scaff olding products and parts to domestic and overseas customers since 1993. The company started with two production plants in Gimpo and Busan, Korea. Recently, they set up a new distribution center near Seoul to provide prompt delivery and service to customers.

Since the establishment of Hochun Industrial, the company has been exporting its products worldwide to Asia, the Middle East, the EU and America. Its top priority is to satisfy all customers with its good-quality products and excellent customer service.
HC frame scaff olding includes drop lock frames, snap on frames, cross braces that can be segmented into punch-hole cross braces, snap-on cross braces and guard rails that are punch-hole guard rails, snap-on guard rails, coupling pins, locking pins, locks. It also includes screw jacks and base plates and brackets: 24” Screw Jack W/Base Plate, 24” Screw Jack W/Socket, 24” Extension Base Plate, Side Brackets and End Bracket.

HC scaff olding couplers are forged couplers and double couplers. The forged couplers include putlog couplers, double couplers, swivel couplers, girder couplers, board retaining couplers, sleeve couplers. The double couplers are double couplers, swivel couplers, double couplers and swivel couplers, mesh couplers, double beam couplers and swivel beam couplers.

The company produces many types of HC H-beam clamps including malleable iron ? standard, stamped steel ? standard, stamped steel ? stainless, stamped steel ? reversible, malleable iron ? reversible, stamped steel ? rod hanger, malleable iron ? rod hanger, spring steel hammer on and a beam extender kit.

Making Its Presence Felt in the World

In 1995, Hochun Industrial began to export scaff olding props (steel pipe supports and scaff olding accessories overseas to destinations such as Singapore, Hong Kong, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Dubai, and Sri Lanka. In 2002, the company began to export products to the USA, Canada and Brazil, and opened a factory in China as a joint venture project.

In 2011, the company opened a material warehouse in Goyang, Gyeonggi-do. Workers at Hochun are working tirelessly under the corporate mott o of providing the best quality, competitive prices and the fi nest customer service.

In addition to quality, Hochun Industrial is able to off er its products at the most reasonable prices to customers by making good use of Chinese joint venture plants and outsourcing. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

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