Manufacturing Various Expansion Joints (Metal, Rubber, Tefl on and Fabric) DMT Co., Ltd. provides a total solution from custom design, to manufacturing, construction for expansion joints, which is used to prevent fatigue failure from thermal expansion, contraction and vibration, to realize customer satisfaction.

DMT Co., Ltd. is fully equipped with facilities to manufacture various expansion joints (metal, rubber, Tefl on, fabric) up to large size. Especially, Tefl on expansion joint, which is chemically resistant, was certifi ed with NET in 2014 and NEP in 2014. Now, it is being supplied to power plants and petrochemical companies in Korea.


Tefl on Expansion Joint P-Type & H-Type

Dmtfl ex’s hot-fl ex expansion joint system is an engineered product that was specifi cally designed to provide high pressure / temperature transfer containment of highly corrosive mediums that could not be safely handled by conventional metallic, elastomeric or Tefl on expansion joints. Dmtfl ex’s hot-fl ex combines the high pressure rating of a metallic expansion joint with the high temperature corrosion resistance of Tefl on, creating a product that will outperform them both.

Each Hot-fl ex expansion joint can be custom engineered to clients’ specifi c applications: pressure / temperature rating, spring rate movement (axial, lateral and angular) metallic carcass (stainless steel, Inconel, hasteloy, etc.) of various lengths.

Dmtfl ex’s Tefl on expansion joints are used primarily in fl uid conducting systems as resilient connectors and tremor barriers. They are designed to compensate for misalignment, to absorb expansion and contraction and to isolate vibrational shock. They are also frequently used to reduce stress on fragile mating fl anges.

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