A Global Leader of PVC Piping Materials

https://korean-machinery.com///inquiry Dury Chemical Co., Ltd. has been growing and developing as a plastic pipe material producer since its founding as Daesung Chemical, the parent plant, in 1974.

The company which has been putt ing enormous eff orts into meeting customers’ needs and achieve customer satisfaction, fi nally developed the method that can dramatically reduce drainage noise and dew condensation, the largest drawback of apartment housing plumbing system, and has been recognized for its outstanding performance, by the leading construction companies to which it supplied.
Equipped with the country’s largest production facilities and automated manufacturing processes, and by operating the best-quality management system, it is focusing on preventing nonconforming products and follow-up management. Also, Dury Chemical Co., Ltd. pledges to be reborn as an enterprise that always researches and develops with the customers, based on its management philosophy of “Customer Satisfaction Management,” in the 21st century.

NC and EDR Systems ? Representative Products of Dury Chemical Co., Ltd.
NC pipe is threefold pipe composed of a PVC outer layer, a special sound insulation layer, and a PVC inner layer. It possesses excellent sound insulation capacity due to the special sound insulation layer. Compared with existing PVC tubes, it has excellent impact resistance. Since it is a structure for special sound insulation, it has excellent insulation capacity compared with existing tubes (general tubes). Sound insulation material is included in a special sound insulation layer that it can eff ectively block inside tube noise. It is used for plumbing for drainage and ventilation and for indoor vertical plumbing.

EDR system is non-toxic and there is no concern for water pollution due to the application of special mineral materials of high-quality polyvinyl chloride polymer. The connecting parts are made of unique joint structure; special ringbonding structure which secures the pipe and rubber-ring shaped special form structure. These structures give superior coherence to the pipe compared with other parts, so there is no risk of leakage. Furthermore, it has excellent mechanical strength, weatherability and durability. Compared with cast-iron pipes, handling and installation is easy.


EDR’s impact strength is far superior to the cast-iron pipe because of the impact resistance materials used. Away from the existing connection method, the pipe and fi tt ings are connected by a one-touch method, and the construction is much faster.

Especially, the connection accessory ? seamed pipe ? boasts of simple cap-tightening method compared with the existing products. Excellent clamping force ensures no risk of leakage and excellent constructability due to simple connection method of pipe and seamed pipe.

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