Automated Production Line is One of Cheon-Gi’s Exclusive Innovations[INQ. NO. 1701M34] Cheon-Gi industry emphasizes that research and development are the core of management. In pursuit of craftsmanship, the company has devoted itself to building an automated production line for the past 20 years. It is making every effort to improve its product quality from its customers’ perspective in order to provide the greatest benefits.
The company is always open to the customers’ opinions and of experts from various fields. It is focused on realizing its motto of highest quality, best organization and lowest price. Dozens of inspections have been carried out on all of its products. It is very proud of high customer satisfaction due to its accurate and fast analysis of system development and organized work. The automated production line is one of Cheon-Gi’s exclusive innovations.

Quick Die Change System – Hi-Clamp, Auto-Clamp, Die Lifter and Guide Roller
The Quick Die Change System is very reliable since it has been designed and developed trigeminally for high functional efficiency, economical efficiency and safety in die exchanging operation of the press, injection molding machine, die casting machine, etc. The system is applicable to the machine tool processing field of automated machines as well as die exchange.
201701m_page_43_07Hi-Clamp has two types of series, the KY series and the GY series. As for the KY series, there are a movable type in which the press bolster or the slide moves along the T-slot and a fixed type of the flange type. Since the cylinder part and lever part are separated, a uniform force is applied on the T-slot shape and measure. GY series are similar to KY series in terms of structure. However, since the surface of the cylinder makes contact with the die, the clamping force is high.
AFSY is slide-transfer type auto-clamp in which the single-acting spring restoring type clamp (GY type hi-clamp) and the air cylinder are combined. Due to the built-in compact hydraulic hoes and cables, there is no interference 201701m_page_43_03with the feed bar on transfer line or others.
As for the die lifter, a die can be transferred on the roller with 1/100 or below force of the die weight. The cylinders are connected with each other by the O.S.T. high pressure pipe. A cover is attached to the roller part to prevent scraps. So this type can be used safely, even where a lot of scraps occur. And the level of the lifter can be adjusted by using the leveling screw.
Since the guide roller can be folded vertically or disassembled, it allows more room and can be useful for locations where vertical folding is not available. Due to the special bushing type, the roller has high shock-resistance and endurance. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

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