Automatic feeding machine[INQ. NO. 1701M17] Hangil Co., Ltd. consists of an electronics business department, electrical device business department, and product business department. The electronics business department develops and produces electronic controllers based on a customer’s specifications. The electrical device business department develops and produces automotive electrical device controllers.
And the product business department strives to improve convenience of customers by developing various water treatment products. Hangil promises to aim for continuous technical innovation to develop products and supply low-price products based on all employees’ technical skills for excellent products and highly competitive products that customers require.
The company’s automatic feeding machine is a device that automatically supplies the set amount of EP fish food at the set time. A fish food scattering distance is adjustable by distance (maximum: 8M). The capacity is for 40kg of fish food and connectable with a centralized cycler. It can be used for both indoor tanks and cage tanks. A run-out alarm display function is available when fish food runs out. Data-saving functions such as scattering time, scattering amount, etc., are also available.
Hangil was selected as a 100PPM company in 2005. It was also selected as a main biz company in July in the year. Also selected as a venture company, the company plans to boost all-out efforts for continuous growth.

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