Ultra-precision processing parts

https://korean-machinery.com///inquiry[INQ. NO. 1701M16] IPEC High Precision has been rapidly growing into a specialty manufacturer in Korea of a wide spectrum of high-precision noncompliant machinery parts − based on its own competitiveness secured through technology innovation, continuous investment in R&D, and training of core personnel since its establishment in 2000. IPEC’s superb ultra-precision processing components are delivered to Parker, a UK-based globally renowned fountain pen maker and an Italian hot runner specialty venture.
Operating six major business sections of hot runner system, ultra-precision processing, semiconductors, automobiles, aerospace, and defense parts, IPEC is especially focusing on highly value-added ultra-precision processing parts so as to fully compete against those from such advanced countries as Germany and Japan.
201701m_page_30_02For export of its highest-quality ultra-precision items, IPEC is manufacturing its products conforming to the manufacturing levels on par with international standards, in cooperation with the country’s well-known global level related institutes. Following its remarkable first export drive started with a U.S partner, the company has consistently succeeded in expanding its export destinations into Japan, the UK, Italy, Australia, Indonesia, etc.
“The solution of dependency of precision parts in overseas markets significantly depends on their localization by domestic ventures armed with technological prowess,” the company’s president noted expressing his interest in domestic defense parts together with existing foreign market ones.

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