Centrifugal pump

https://korean-machinery.com///inquiry[INQ. NO. 1701M08] Handol Pumps is a leading company specialized in manufacturing API & ISO centrifugal pumps for power generation, oil & gas, chemical industries, etc. Equipped with a dynamic and thorough artisan spirit and a sense of mission for the pump technology in South Korea, Handol Pumps has consistently committed itself to designing and manufacturing pumps for a long time, aiming to provide “Overall Service for Pumps,” ranging from the basic engineering stage to the maintenance stage.
201701m_page_23_07With its accumulated professional expertise since its foundation in 1993, Handol Pumps is positioning itself as a leading company in the field, utilizing new pump technology and driven by the ambitious spirit of contributing to the related industrial areas.
Handol Pumps’s API & ISO centrifugal pumps are applicable to the areas of nuclear power plants, energy industry, chemical industry, environmental applications, sea water treatment, industrial water 201701m_page_23_09supply, and other industrial purposes. With its varied and outstanding lineup, including high-pressure multistage pumps, API 610/ISO 5199 process pumps, hot water circulation pumps, vertical double-casing (Can) pumps, etc., Handol Pumps is further seeking better ways to satisfy the needs of its clients.

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