Chrome-plated products[INQ. NO. 1701M27] Through decades of operation in the chrome plating business, Samshin Chemical has always strived to develop a new plating technology fulfilling both humankind’s needs and green nature. Samshin Chemical is now ready to become a leader in the chrome plating business with its state-of-the-art technology, the best quality products and on-time delivery services.
For vigorous business, Samshin Chemical operates four manufacturing lines – injection mold line, chrome plating line, painting line, and an assembly line. Through such advanced facility, Samshin Chemical are releasing various kinds of products – radiator grilles, emblems, name plates, garnish, molding, and so forth.
For chrome plating line, Tri-valent chrome process is applied, which has replaced hexavalent process used in companies in the USA and Canada for a considerable period of time. The process ensures higher performance including faster plating speed, and uniform electro deposition on low current area, compared to other types of chrome plating.
201701m_page_36_03Boosted by being awarded of Presidential Award (Steel Tower Industrial Medal), Samshin Chemical established its own research laboratory, enabling it to more aggressively cope with emerging challenges across the chrome plating business. Samshin Chemical received the Export Tower award from the Korean government for its export capacity of recording US$0.3million. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

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