Leading the Automatic Control Valve Field with Favorable Conditions

https://korean-machinery.com///inquiry[INQ. NO. 1701M40] Kopecs was founded in 1987 with a vision, “Serving the community, Sharing visions, Aiming high.” All of the employees of Kopecs have been striving to accomplish this vision for its customers. In the 21st century, the age of limitless competition, Kopecs has been able to fulfill various customers’ needs covering the areas of steel plant, electronics, oil, chemical, environment water treatment, etc.
As Kopecs stands for advance in technology with 20 years of business experience in the domestic and overseas market, it has been constantly improving its technology.
Kopecs boasts a production system with automation management, sound sales service, and simple and convenient business operation. Moreover, thanks to its worldwide sales network, the company has been able to spread its vision and marvelous quality all over the world. This is why Kopecs has gained customer loyalty, confirming its product quality, function and price. Kopecs will take the lead in the automatic control valve field as it has favorable climatic, geographical and human resource advantages.

Supplying Control Valve, Desuperheater and Segment Ball – Representative Products of Kopecs
201701m_page_49_07The KCG series cage-guided control valves are designed for high performance to exceed the limits of other conventional valves. With numerous trim configurations (including low-noise and anti-cavitation) and its ability to handle large pressuredrops, the KCG series can be applied in a variety of severe services. They feature various body materials such stainless, cast steel, high alloy steel and various trim materials such as hardened trim, stellite and others. They also have reduced port area and microflow control trim.
The MNSD pipeline desuperheater systems provide a convenient method of reducing superheated steam or other vapors to temperatures approaching saturation. The series 200 pipeline desuperheater produces finely atomized spray coolant through a series of propriety flat pattern spray jets, the opening of which is controlled at the point of injection.
The steam passes through a section of pipe into which is fitt ed the Series 200 nozzle protruding into the steam fl ow path. The nozzle introduces coolant flow in the same direction as the steam flow. Stainless steel pipes should not be used for steam service.
201701m_page_49_03The KBV 300/400 series smart segmental ball is an eccentric plug, high performance rotary control valve. Designed for use in a wide variety of applications ranging from low pressure, high “CV” to slurry and pulp services, to oil and gas services. The smart segmental ball can handle shut-off pressure drop up to 50 bar. Operating temperatures can be from -50 degrees to 450 degrees. The smart segmental ball control valves consist of a straight valve body with less flow resistance and separable plug with flow guid that rotates eccentric.

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