Korea’s Quarantine and Sterilization Equipment Pioneer Advances in Global Market

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[INQ. NO. 1701M50] For over a half-century, Iz-Fog has played a key role in the development of the domestic quarantine and sterilization field. The company has produced a vast array of quarantine and sterilization equipment such as portable smoke & fog sterilizers, fogging machines on vehicles, electric power ultra-low volume (ULV) sprayers, automatic spray systems, turbo- power ULV sprayers, motorcycle sprayer systems and fogging machines mounted on motorcycles, portable thermal foggers, mini gas foggers, backpack power sprayers and rechargeable chemical sprayers.
Encouraged by the high popularity of its products on the domestic market, the maker has obtained international 201701m_page_83_06certifications like ISO 9001 and has actively explored overseas markets in more than 30 countries, especially in Southeast Asia, Southwest Asia, the Middle East, Latin America and Africa. It has also been designated as a “Promising Export Company” by Korea’s Small & Medium Business Administration. Moreover, it has registered itself for the UN procurement market.

Competitive Sprayers, Foggers Expand Export Markets
The company’s flagship export models include the IZ-150AS portable smoke & fog sterilizer. Measuring 1,200mm (L) x 220mm (W) x 330mm (H), this model weighs only 8.9Kg. Its available spouting particle sizes range from 5 to 30㎛. With a chemical tank capacity of 6.5l, it generally spouts 20l of chemicals per hour. Easy to carry, it can operate in both smoke and fog mode.
The firm’s popular IZ-400 fogging machine on the car is 1,650mm long, 510mm wide and 380mm high with a weight of 43Kg. Equipped with a chemical tank capacity of 150l, the model provides maximum spouting quantity of 200l per hour. A turntable for the adjustment of the spray angle is optionally available.
201701m_page_83_03Other hot-selling models include the IZ-33 electric power ULV sprayer. With the main body made of aluminum and stainless steel, the model weighs only 5Kg. Ideal for pest control, it offers maximum chemical discharge rate of 60l per hour with its dimensions running 460 (L) x 290 (H) x 260mm (W). Easy to handle, it delivers ten-times higher productivity than air-pressure-type models.
Among the company’s competitive models is the IZ-14 automatic spray system. With a moving caster, the model offers superior wear-resistance and comes with two spray guns. Its sprayer has maximum suction capacity of 98l/min.
The IZ-12001 turbo power ULV sprayer is enjoying increasing popularity overseas. Measuring 1,100 (L) x 700 (W) x 900 (H)mm, it is equipped with a moving caster and has a four-nozzle spray hole with spray gun. Its air blower operates at a revolution speed of 3,600rpm with a discharge capacity of 30m3/min. Its sprayer offers maximum discharge capacity of 66l/min.

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