Fuel system cleaner


[INQ. NO. 1703M37] Bulls One’s “Bulls One Shot is an essential management product that maintains engine performance by removing carbon buildup. Changing the oil is an important component of car care but removing carbon keeps engines running like new. Incomplete combustion results in the accumulation of carbon throughout the full injection system, which reduces efficiency.

Bulls One Shot effectively removes this residue for greater output and engine power. Clean air intake valves boost performance and reduce engine smoke. Fuel efficiency was improved an average of 3.1% in 27 gas/diesel cars (tested by an official domestic institute) and 102 trucks/ buses (tested by some advanced local colleges including Hanyang).

Korea Research, an investigative institute for consumer opinions, found that 95% of people who used Bulls One products were satisfied with the results. Less engine noise but greater performance was reported by 78% of the respondents. A whopping 99% of consumers indicated their desire to purchase the products again. Moreover, high gas prices make Bulls One Shot a good investment in car care.

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