Industrial enclosures[INQ. NO. 1703M04] Boxco is mainly engaged in manufacturing plastic and aluminum enclosures. It produces and distributes all-purpose electric and electronic enclosures with a good reputation at home and abroad. The maker can offer high impact and quality enclosures for low prices with high technology thanks to its cutting-edge machinery and wide experience.
Currently available type is the 4x and IP67 rating enclosure. The molded hinge & latch design is easy to separate the cover from the base for printing or processing holes & cutting. More than 400 kinds of enclosures are manufactured by the company for potential buyers and customer companies.
Boxco’s annual sales of $13,000,000 are based upon the fact that it guarantees a rapid and stable supply of its products through a large-scale logistics center and effective distribution channels. Customized products are available (special color, shape, size and hole drilling, etc.).
Boxco succeeded in obtaining the UL certificate of the United States in June 2008, followed by acquisition of the DIN mark from Germany in 2009. This means that Boxco’s products’ quality for export to advanced markets is no longer an issue. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

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