Circuit breakers[INQ. NO. 1703M03] Dong A Electric Device’s circuit breaker models play a role in leading the company’s advancement into attractive overseas markets. DB/DBE series are small and economical breakers that protect from fire danger and equipment damages caused by overload or a short. For this year’s overseas market promotion, it prepares complete electric types and thermal electric types that ensure excellent performance characteristics.
The company’s magnetic contactor is listed for its aim for potential foreign buyers this year. It already proved its reliability in the domestic market, which is attributable to the applied manufacturing technology accumulated over the long time. Customized design according to the requirements of customers is available, with the help of international certificates. Simple wiring gives satisfaction to customers.
Dong A Electric Device has specialized in manufacturing various models of circuit breakers (MCCB), magnetic contactors (MC), and thermal overload relays (TOR). All of its competitive products appeal to customers with their high-quality, plus reasonable and competitive prices.
Dong A Electric Device has annually recorded sales of over $24 mil. in sales whilst its export amount is $1.9 mil. as of 2016. The company’s global presence reached out to nearly all continents of nations – Russia, Turkey, Egypt, Nigeria, Iraq, Kuwait, Iran, Pakistan, China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Dominican Republic, and Chile. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

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