An opportunity to catch up with the latest development trends in global automation precision equipment

The 13th International Factory Automation System Show 2017 will be held from June 13-16, over a four- period at Changwon Convention Center. Being held in Changwon, one of the largest exhibitions held outside the metropolitan area of Seoul, it has been a symbolic event representing the mecca of the high-tech industry of Korea.

Marking its 13th year, the Fair aims to increase the international competitiveness of the industry by boosting demand for the exportation of smart factories, automation equipment, facilities, and related equipment, exchanging information, and technology development. Every year, it serves as a venue for exchanging information on technology and markets among participants and searching for new business partners.

Organized by KOAMI and held by the Gyeongsangdam-do and Changwon-si, the exhibition is sponsored by some of the most representative companies and organizations in various industries in Korea. Other affiliated events such as seminars and lectures will also be held along with the event.

This year, as many as 165 exhibitors from 13 countries have signed up for the exhibition. Although there were more exhibitors of 184 from 18 countries last year, 380 booths are expected to be installed, remaining almost the same with 387 booths last year.

The event organizer is expecting to achieve last year’s outcome of 20,000 visitors and business meetings worth USD550 million (meetings worth USD500 million and deals worth USD 50 million) during the exhibition this year.

A total of nine themed exhibitions along with a special exhibition will be held displaying FA equipment focusing on innovative process management solutions, sensors and control equipment, network systems, designing and process analysis programs, and measuring instruments for smart factories. The exhibitions will also feature metal processing machinery, molding tools, hydraulic pressure equipment, and part materials to respond to the demands of the global market.

An export consultation session with vendor handlers overseas will also be held to satisfy the event’s aim to increase exports. For Korean companies to fi nd new buyers especially in countries like India and Japan with high demand for nuclear, chemical and plant equipment, vendor handlers and procurement managers from ten well-known international EPC companies have been invited to have one-on-one meetings with 60 Korean companies. Customized consultation sessions with 20 prospective buyers overseas recruited by the exhibitors will be held at individual booths.

“Information and communications technology (ICT) conversion, the key to change in the global manufacturing paradigm, is triggering the fourth industrial revolution,” an offi cial from the KOAMI said. “You’ll be able to see the trends in automation technology that is evolving with new technology such as cloud computing, big data, and Internet of things.” | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

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