NC straightener feeder line[INQ. NO. 1703M18] KDM has built up a larger presence as a true partner in Korea’s domestic automobile and electronic industries based on accumulated experience, expertise and high-quality products. With advanced technologies and high quality products, KDM is a leading domestic machinery and metalworking industries that include transfer robots, shuttle robots, coil line systems, and NC straightener feeder lines.
Based on CE and UL certifications, KDM has devoted a lot of time to producing safe and innovative products in an attempt to develop advanced technologies domestically. With the goal of achieving customer satisfaction, customers can be assured of the very best quality from a world-leading company in its field.
For NC straightener feeder line, steel plate material is used for press molding deforms due to the stress in material when it is rolled into a coil. Straightener is a device to correct deformed material as a flat material by running it through the roller. The straighteners are suitable for eliminating coiling stress of coiled material, improving precision of the product after processing, and eliminating internal torsion stress and realizing high quality materials.
KDM’s blanking line can be used for car manufacturing like sheet metal and car body parts by inserting coil into press automatically. The lines from KDM automatically manufacture at a time from coil to the blank stack: inserting material according to mold types, adjusting pitch, and stacking sheets. Thanks to a synchronous control system with press, a stable operation is possible. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

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