Regenerative blowers[INQ. NO. 1703M16] Inha Electric’s regenerative blowers are low-pressure, high-volume blowers that generate centrifugal airflow. They are used in compression blowers, vacuum blowers, and industrial blower applications.
How do they work? Regenerative blowers draw air or other gases into the blower unit by impeller blades passing an inlet port. The impeller blades then accelerate the air in an outward and forward direction using centrifugal action. The air is turned back, or “regenerated” by the blower’s annular-shaped housing to the base of following blades, where it is again projected outward. Every “regeneration” imparts more pressure to the air.
When the air reaches a “stripper section” at the outlet, it is “stripped” from the impeller and expelled out of the blower. The stripper section is located between the inlet and the outlet where the annulus is reduced in size to fit closely to the sides and tips of the impeller blades.
Pressures generated by the one or two spinning, non-contacting, oil-free impellers are equal to those obtained by many larger multi-stage or positive displacement blowers.
Fewer moving parts reduce wear, tear, maintenance, and downtime to promote sustained blower reliability. Unlike competing technologies incorporating necessary sliding vanes, valves, and pistons, the only contacting moving parts inside a regenerative blower are two permanently sealed balls bearing assemblies. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

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