Total optic solutions[INQ. NO. 1703M02] Green Optics has established a solid reputation in the field of semiconductors and flat panel display based on the ability to manufacture opticsrelated items. It is currently expanding its scope of business to energy and bio-related fields − the core element in the next-generation of the optic industry. In order to achieve these goals, Green Optics Corporation is participating in the artificial satellite solar battery optics module consortium as well as operating interdepartmental Task Force Teams (TFT) to develop microscopes and observation systems for everyday use.
In order to expand into overseas markets and compete on a global level, Green Optics has established collaborative partnerships with companies in America, Germany, Japan, Taiwan, China, and Malaysia. Green Optics is a total optics solution provider. Green Optics Inc. is exclusive for having a one-stop facility for manufacturing optics solutions; no other company in Korea has such a facility. Green Optic has supplied various optics lens to Global Leaders like Samsung and LG for producing mini camera lenses, lasers, LCD, medical items, infrared cameras, industrial cameras, and satellite cameras just to name a few. Green Optic Inc., has strived to make HMD solutions for military, medical, and entertainment applications by utilizing its accumulated optics expertise. It thus successfully invented See-closed HMD on 90’(2M ) large-screen for military simulation. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

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