KIBS 2017, the Leading Marine Leisure B2B And B2C platform in Korea

The 9th edition of the Korea International Boat Show (KIBS) in 2016 was an undoubted success in KINTEX in the Seoul Metropolitan Area. It was acclaimed by overseas industry experts and visitors as now one of the three leading boat shows in Asia, a tremendous achievement within just nine years.

At the same time, dramatic developments were witnessed in Korea’s leisure boating infrastructure.

The National Marina Development Plan has already delivered 20 world-class marinas providing berths for over 4,200 boats, 12 more marinas are under construction and a further two are planned.

With the help of KIBS, the imagination of the Korean public has been stimulated to “Go Boating.” Already there are over 22,760 registered leisure boats in use increasing annually by over 2,500. Boat driving licenses applications in 2015 alone were about 15,000 and since 2006 nearly 168,618 have been issued.

It is safe to say that boating in Korea has arrived and is growing at an astounding pace!
The 10th edition of KIBS will build on this success to consolidate Korea’s position in the community of top international boat shows. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

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