Expanded Scale, Improved Quality, Enhanced Concentration!

KOREA LAB 2017 is the biggest exhibition in Korea featuring analysis and measurement devices used in testing labs, experiments, and researches, which introduces new technologies and products for experiments and researches in the fields of physics and chemistry, biotechnologies, environment, and Nano-technologies.

This exhibition provides opportunities for the manufacturers of R&D-related goods and companies providing R&Drelated services to promote their products, to open a new market for their products, and establish a network of companies which use research equipment.

COPHEX 2017 is Korea’s leading Pharmaceutical & Cosmetic Industry Exhibition, Exhibition, offering ideas on quality improvement and product development. The conferences and technical seminars for the fields of packaging, logistics, laboratory analysis which is required in the pharmaceutical and cosmetics production sector are also provided. You may find up-to-date information needed for manufacturing cosmetics and drug development in COPHEX 2017.


Basis Laboratory: Reagents and Reference Materials, Laboratory Exhaust and Ventilation Equipment, Laboratory Table, Cabinet and Furniture, Laboratory Stirrer, Heater and Basic Equipment
Measurement and Analysis: Measuring, Surveying and Measuring Equipment, Image and Data Processing Equipment, Water, Air and Environmental Analysis Equipment, Laboratory Automation and Process Control Equipment, Life, Chemistry Research and Analysis Equipment, Nano, Materials Measurement and Analysis Instruments
Life and Food Sciences: DAN, RNA and Protein Analysis Equipment, Image Analysis and Electrophoresis Device, Cell Culture and Analysis Equipment, Microscope, SEM, TEM and Electron, Atomic Force Microscope, Diagnostic Test, Lsotope, Pathology Equipment, Peptide, Pathology and Mutation Analysis Equipment, Biotechnology, Bioprocess Systems, Fermentation Process and Food Engineering Equipment

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